Puncture repairs

Puncture Repairs:

Tyreco ensures that all tyres are repaired correctly and in a proper manner by applying the following policies.

  • The tyre must be removed from the rim and completely inspected.
  • All punctures must be sealed internally and the hole must be filled to prevent moisture from entering into the steel belts.
  • Penetrating minor repairs are not permitted to the shoulder, sidewall or bead areas of the tyre.
  • Passenger tyres have an allowable maximum minor repair of 6mm diameter in the crown area only.
  • Light truck tyrres up to 185mm – 6.50 have a maximum minor repair of 6mm.
  • Light truck tyres larger than 185mm have a maximum minor repair of 8mm.
  • Truck tyres have a maximum minor repair of 10mm.
  • Tyres may have as many minor repairs necessary or feasible as long as they do not overlap
  • All repairs, larger than recommended, or outside the crown area, must be classed as major repairs.


When a puncture repair is carried out correctly, it must meet a certain criteria:

  • The tyre’s load carrying capacity should not change
  • The tyre’s speed rating may change (please refer to repair manufacture)
  • The repaired area is within the maximum allowable dimensions and should maintain the tyre’s original strength.
  • The repair should meet the manufactures requirements
  • The repair should seal in the air pressure while sealing out water from the internal belts.
  • The Australian Standards allow the minor repair of “V” and “Z” rated tyres (repair materials must be compatible to speed rating of the tyre)
  • The tyre if designated tubeless and if the bead area is still in sound condition should remain tubeless when repaired. Before fitment of tubes in tubless tyres the manufacture of the tyre must be consulted. Any tube used in a tyre must be compatible with the size and type of tyre.
  • When a tyre repair is conducted the overall condition of the tyre must be inspected. If, in the opinion of the person carrying out the repair, the tyre is for any reason unsafe, or the repair will not restore the integrity of the tyre it will not be repaired.