Your ride and comfort are everything – do not skimp on your choice of suspension.

There are many things to think about before rushing out and buying a suspension upgrade.
Some of these considerations are outlined below:

  • Standard suspension supplied by the manufacturer is designed to carry the load of the vehicle in it’s standard format. This may be 8 persons or 4 people and some luggage. Outback 4WD travelers generally carry 2 – 4 people, extra fuel, recovery equipment, water and the list goes on. This stuff is extremely heavy and not what the original manufacturer made the vehicle to carry.
  • Overloaded, under capacity suspension will not ride very well and is dangerous.
  • How will the set-up ride when the vehicle is unladen? Super heavy suspension may give a hard ride when unloaded but perfect when fully loaded for the big trip.
  • How will you be using the vehicle? If you only travel outback 4 weeks a year then you will need a system that will ride well in the city and have the flexibility to give good performance when you are outback.
  • When you change the springs or coils it is advisable to change the shock absorbers at the same time. If lifting your vehicle with new springs then longer travel shocks will be required.
  • Some vehicles will ride at a different height on each side of the vehicle. A lot of new suspensions system are designed with different heights in the springs and these are to go in the vehicle in a certain way.

Give us a call to discuss all your four wheel drive suspension needs, we can offer you a wealth of knowledge and advice at the best price.